Wedding Day Coverage – WalkThrough

PHOTOGRAPHY — We specialize in delivering light and airy photos that are true-to-color and timeless. Our talented photographers have a keen eye for capturing candid moments, beautiful portraits, and all the joy, laughter, and tears-of-happiness that make your wedding day so special. We understand that these moments are fleeting, and that’s why we are dedicated to preserving them in stunning photographs that you will be able to treasure for generations to come. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that reflects the love and emotions shared on your wedding day, allowing you to relive those cherished memories each time you flip through your wedding album. Here, you can trust that our experienced photographers will not only capture the significant moments but also the subtle details and the authentic expressions, resulting in a collection of photographs that truly tells your unique love story.

VIDEOGRAPHY — We are passionate about capturing the beauty and emotion of your wedding day in a truly cinematic way. Our talented team of videographers is dedicated to creating a masterpiece that you will love and treasure for a lifetime. From the intimate moments of getting ready to the grand finale of your grand exit, we are there to discreetly document every detail, ensuring that no precious moment goes unnoticed. With our expertise in stunning cinematography, creative editing, and careful selection of music, we craft a cinematic wedding video that tells your unique love story. We believe that your wedding video should be more than just a documentation of events; it should be a captivating and emotional experience that transports you back to the magic of your special day. Here, you can trust us to deliver a work of art that captures the joy, love, and memories that will be cherished for generations to come.


During the getting ready session, our photographer(s) and videographer arrives at the designated location where the couple is preparing for their wedding day. They set up their equipment and capture candid moments filled with anticipation and excitement. Attention is given to detail, documenting the wedding attire, accessories, and sentimental items. The photographer also takes advantage of the venue’s aesthetic appeal to enhance the photographs. Individual portraits are taken, showcasing the beauty and anticipation of the bride and/or groom. Candid interactions between the couple and their loved ones are captured, preserving hugs, laughter, and emotional moments. The photographer maintains open communication, offering guidance while remaining flexible to capture spontaneous events. Through their artistic vision, they create a visual narrative that encapsulates the essence of the getting ready session, providing the couple with cherished memories to revisit for a lifetime.


During the wedding ceremony, our photographer(s) and videographer are dedicated to capturing the special moments that unfold. They strategically position themselves to document the processional, capturing the entrance of the wedding party and the emotional moment when the couple walks down the aisle. They discreetly move around, capturing different angles and perspectives of the ceremony. They focus on capturing the exchange of vows, ring exchange, and other significant rituals or traditions. Emotions and reactions of the couple, families, and friends are thoughtfully captured throughout the ceremony. The photographers also ensure to capture the venue and its decorations to provide context and enhance the storytelling. Simultaneously, the videographers expertly record the ceremony, capturing not only the sights but also the sounds and emotions. They may incorporate cinematic techniques to create a captivating wedding film. Together, the photographers and videographers work seamlessly to create a comprehensive visual representation of the wedding ceremony, preserving the love, joy, and cherished memories of the couple’s special day.


During a family session, photographer(s) and videographer aim to capture the genuine moments and connections within the family. They begin by establishing a rapport with the family members, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. The photographers guide the family through posed group shots, ensuring everyone is included and visible in the frame. They then focus on capturing individual portraits, highlighting the unique personality of each family member. Candid interactions and playful shots are encouraged to capture authentic emotions and the bond between family members. The photographers explore different compositions, angles, and perspectives to create a diverse set of photographs. Simultaneously, the videographers expertly record the session, capturing the interactions, laughter, and love of the family. They may also incorporate cinematic techniques to add depth and storytelling to the final video. The photographers and videographers adapt their approach to accommodate the family’s dynamics and preferences, delivering a collection of photographs and a heartfelt video that beautifully portray the essence and connections within the family.


During the bridal party portraits session, our photographer(s) and videographer focus on capturing the unique personalities of each member of the wedding party, including the bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride, and groom. The photographers organize the group, ensuring everyone is positioned and composed beautifully. They capture both traditional and creative poses, paying attention to details such as hairstyles, makeup, and attire. Candid shots are encouraged to capture the fun and joy shared within the bridal party. The photographers explore various compositions and angles to create visually interesting images. Simultaneously, the videographers expertly record the session, capturing the laughter, camaraderie, and interactions of the bridal party. They may also incorporate cinematic techniques to add an artistic touch to the final video. The photographers and videographers work together to create a cohesive and memorable collection of photographs and a dynamic video that showcases the bond and celebration within the bridal party, the beauty of the venue, and the couple’s love story.


During the bride and groom’s portraits session, our photographer(s) and videographer will start by exploring picturesque locations that reflect your unique love story. Our talented photographers will be there to capture every tender and passionate moment shared between you. They’ll guide you into natural and beautiful poses that showcase your love and connection, creating stunning images that will make your hearts skip a beat. But it doesn’t end there! Our skilled videographers will accompany us, recording the magic as it unfolds. They’ll capture your whispered promises, stolen glances, and the pure joy in your eyes. Throughout the session, we’ll be your best friends, ensuring your comfort and encouraging you to be yourselves. We want you to enjoy every moment and let your love shine through. The result will be a collection of breathtaking photographs and a mesmerizing video that will forever remind you of the deep bond and incredible love you share. So, get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!


As the night unfolds at your wedding reception, our photographer(s) and videographer will be there to capture every precious moment, starting with your grand exit. We’ll capture the excitement and joy as you make your way through a shower of confetti or a tunnel of sparklers, surrounded by the cheers of your loved ones during the Grand Entrance. Next up is your unforgettable first dance as a married couple. We’ll document the romance and emotion as you sway to the music, gazing into each other’s eyes. The parent dances follow, where we’ll capture the tender moments as you share a special dance with your parents, filled with love and gratitude. When it’s time for the cake cutting, we’ll capture the laughter and playful moments as you share this sweet tradition together. As the open dance floor comes alive, our cameras will be ready to capture the energy, joy, and uninhibited fun as you and your guests dance the night away. Towards the end of the reception, we’ll make sure to capture your private last dance together, a moment for just the two of you to cherish. Finally, as the evening concludes, we’ll document your grand exit surrounded by your guests, capturing the smiles, hugs, and well wishes as you embark on your new journey together. From the grand entrance to the grand exit, our goal is to preserve every precious memory of your wedding reception, allowing you to relive the joy and love for years to come.